Sunday, 4 April 2010

So a few bits and pieces...

Greetings friends of Lazy Acre. there has been much going on over here of late... too much for me to ever cram into an email out / 140 character tweet so I thought Id just go crazy and put em all into one lengthy blog post instead.

First up I wrote an article for the last ever issue of Maps Magazine. (RIP My friends - roll on the Joyzine launch from the same gang in May) Its about how the BBC would make a great model for a record label... that said it was written before the recent cuts to 6music and the Asian Network so some of it is kind of redundant now but you can check it out here either way.

The same issue also features a lovely review of My Little Pony and another of Solvor Vermeers live show in London last week.

On the subject of Solvor Vermeer, the EP is starting to pick up some wicked attention right now. Just lately shes been in the National Newspaper in Dubai, had a lovely write up at Unpeeled who describe her as "Pixie like", Talked about her favourite records for the fine folk over at the 405 and had another lovely review from the Music News crew. who gave her 4/5.

On top of all that there are loads of great reviews and interviews running over the next few weeks (keep up to date by following her on twitter @solvorvermeer) on top of being part of the new MUSIC ALLIANCE PACT which sees her getting much blog love from 36 blogs in 36 countries including Eardrums and many more.

As if all of that excitement wasnt enough we also added a new Uno Moller track to the Myspace player ( in case you havent been paying attention) which is rather excellent and also released the awesome PIEPTON EP by Shoes and Socks Off. You can get hold of this free EP (released kind of in conjunction with Big Scary Monsters) by heading over to The Full Stop To Bad Pop page now. Its an awesome covers EP including tracks by PJ Harvey, Pixies and The Eels.

Fucking brilliant.

I think thats abotu all for the time being but shitloads of good stuff coming up soon so keep your eyes and ears peeled.

Much Love

The Lazy Boy xx

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