Friday, 26 March 2010

Grapevine Sessions part 2 = great success

So then tonight was the second installment of the now much fabled Grapevine Sessions which sees Team Acre and our esteemed best friend Berkeley ("M'ludd") Edwards gather together all manner of excitable young pups and set them free on a lovely stage in London.

Indeed last Novembers night saw one acted courted by LA Based Managers of spectacularly welsh rock bands and another landing two plum major label deals and being courted by some of the most bearded rock producers in the world.

And so it was this evening that Holden, The Jolleys, our own Ms Solvor Vermeer and headliners Heart On Fire all walked the boards. A thrilling mix of piano led melancholy (the board recording of which weve just listened back to and it sounds fucking brilliant) Arcade Fire-y guitar histrionics and folksy thrumalongs setting pulses racing.

Indeed all of the acts played incredible sets - Holdens beards and generally Mumfordy vibes were a great way to start for me. Even better was Sols set which saw emergency draft in cellist Martin play like a demon and generally ensure pin drop silence in a very busy room.

More than that though for all the great music - as we stood surveying the scene unfolding, it struck me that here - surrounded by friends new and old, inspired writers, enthused photographers, amazing musicians and genuine music fans - how lucky we are to be surrounded by such bloody lovely people as we go about this little old adventure of ours. honestly i dont know if id do it otherwise.

So to all inhabitants of the lazy acre - a good evening to you

we heart you

Team LA x

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