Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Sometime I marvel at my own unabated genius

I was sat this morning in front of the PC beginning to think about wading through the immense amount of CD burning to get through in the next month before I head to Oslo.

Just then however an email from Vistaprint arrived for 250 free business cards. why the hell then would I bother to burn off some 200 label sampler promo CDs when i could design a flashy card to give out with a download link and just upload a little zippy zip zip for people to check out / send to their friends.

fucking genius I tell you.

For now I am sitting in an otherwise silent house, with a nice cuppa, listening to the brand new Monzano (Sjur LHOA's other band) album which I am pleased to report is immense - you should definitely buy a copy when it comes out on Feb 15th

You can get it from the super awesome guys and girls at Spoon Train Audio

Over and out planet earth

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