Friday, 22 January 2010

What a week

Well I have to say this weeks been something of a bonanza week. You know how when you were little you would set up a whole row of dominos and watch them all knock each other flying in a perfect little flurry? Well this week has been a bit like that.

First of all the week started with the awesome feature on the BBC Weekender show (which for a few more hours can be downloaded as a podcast (featuring as it does Uno Moller and My Little Pony)

From there we saw a dramatic upturn in the numbers of downloads happening from the Full Stop Campaign. This week has seen us increase the numbers of downloads week on week by about 250% - weve done a lot of numbers this week and with some excellent press lined up in the coming weeks for the excellent My Little Pony EP.

Anyway following on from that Monday afternoon saw our press invite to By:Larm arrive which means an awesome 4 days in Oslo is coming right up.

My sexy new laptop turned up on Wednesday which is currently making me exceedingly happy and then yesterday out of the blue Drowned in Sound only went and ruddy well named The Little Hands of Asphalt in their top ten Nordic releases of 2009 feature. Which made us jump in the air a little bit in the middle of the kitchen.

so with the weekend looming and gathering numbers of tissues / lemsip packets / lockets wrapppers around me things are looking decidedly rosy.

Keep an eye and ear out for some rather excellent bits of press and radio based love in the coming weeks (your best bet is to keep in touch by following us on twitter @lazyacrerecords) as well as some amazingly awesome plans and special shows were lucky enough to be involved with at Bylarm.

Happy friday

Team LA x

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