Friday, 4 December 2009

Radio Sampler Now Available


One of the upsides of my recent brush wth nature was that it gave me a great deal of time to think of ideas - one of whom hit me about 2am

To be brief – rather than servicing six sets of CDs to radio stations etc I have put together half a dozen of 2010s Lazy Acre Releases in one CD which I can service to stations at the same time


This particular little nugget features Pipedream, Moggz, Solvor, Little Hands and My Little Pony as well as one Miss Tessa Frith

So then - If you are a DJ / podcaster / Producer etc and would like to get hold of a copy of the CD for consideration for your show please email and I will get on out to you - just lemme know the name of the station and the pertinent details

In the meantime I think youll agree the artwork for this little pup is rather excellent.. its all grizzly!



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