Wednesday, 9 December 2009

A Postcard from London


Its strangely soothing to be back in the office this morning, my big chair is much more forgiving to my poor back than the London underground. That said its been a busy and productive few days

Monday night saw The Little Hands of Asphalt (aka Sjur Lyseid) play his first UK show at The Bedford. The show was a show of two halves (literally) but a lot of fun all the same. Thanks to everyone who came down. If you happened to miss it I believe you can still watch the show over at If sjur looks a little tired its because hed spent over three hours on the underground trying to find his hotel

Were getting a recording of the set in the next few days so will keep u posted as we might be able to use them somewhere…

While we were there we filmed a little EPK – like an interview and some live tracks – that we will be putting up here soon – please feel free to seed it on your blogs, facebooks etc

Yesterday was a much too early start (especially after perhaps one red stripe too many on Monday night) but a productive morning of interviews and meetings with various people who are helping us to push Sjur over here in the UK.

In the afternoon yesterday we visited the wonderful folk of Pulse FM just off the strand. Had a great half an hour or so interview with them and played a few songs out. If you missed it you can listen in again over at (Sjur was with Rachel between three and half three – the show is called Pet Sounds I think)

Finally yesterday afternoon (after much hot sauce and yet more interviews) we recorded a session for up in Camden – recorded a windswept version of Sex & Loneliness before answering some very excitable questions, being told off for calling it the Subway and scampering off in the rain to the tube. TUBE.

Alas with the tube rolling into Euston it was farewell to Mr Lyseid who will hopefully be back in the UK in early 2010 – once hes finished the new Monzano record and got through some festival shows in Feb… we shall be sure to keep you posted of course.

In the meantime we send our eternal thanks to Rachel & Tudor @ Pulse, Layla and greg @ Balcony, all the interviewers that filled our spare hours, Tony & The Bedford team and Berkeley as ever for the hospitality

Ill add some photos to the facebook when I get chance in the week

See you soon

The Lazy Boy x

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