Thursday, 3 December 2009

Lazy acre vs the eighties (what is it with me and lists just lately?)

Now I know everyone is bang into their 'best of 2009' and 'best of the noughties' lists right now but perversely - I've just been having an argument about the top ten songs of the 80's.

Now I'm not a big 80's fan (a truly terrible time) but there was some great stuff and to confess; I am partial to a bit of cheese - so here is my top ten (thus winning me the argument as kerry doesn't have a blog to publish hers on and if its on the internet it must be true)

*In no particular order*

1 - Echo and the Bunnymen : Killing Moon
2 - Huey Lewis and The News : Power of Love
3 - John Waite : Missing You
4 - Prince : Purple Rain
5 - The Replacements : On the bus
6 - Simple Minds : Alive and Kicking
7 - REM - Its the end of the world as we know it
8 - Fugazi : Waiting Room
9 - Jesus and Mary Chain : Just Like Honey
10 - Nena : 99 Red Balloons

Bubbling under:

I think were alone now, bat out of hell, miss you, mr brownstone, the one and only, law & order theme tune, under pressure, rappers delight, love will tear us apart, blue monday, anything by orange juice, where the streets have no name etc etc etc.

I'd make a spotify playlist for u but honestly I think I've spent enough time on this already. Plus having just confessed to liking a simple minds tune I think its time to go put my head in the bread maker

Much love

Laz-ee benj x

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