Friday, 20 November 2009

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Greetings one and all

As its been a few weeks since we last invaded your inbox we thought we would give you all a quick shout to let you know whats been going on over here on the Acre

So then with the bare minimum of fuss:

1) Solvor Vermeer in Front Cover shocker!

That’s right - The National Student Magazine is running a new music special this month featuring a wonderful range of artists including not one but five of our intrepid heroes – including none other than Solvor Vermeer on the cover. THE COVER!!

If you don’t happen to be at a University yourself, never fear - as you can check out the mag online and find out what they’ve been saying about Kambodsja, The Little Hands of Asphalt, Solvor, Moggz and My Little Pony. The link is here

As if that wasn’t enough they have also put together a free digital download album featuring not only a glut of Lazy Acre Artists but a truckload of other tracks from the likes of Nodzzz, Crocodiles (man I love crocodiles) Blakfish and Loz Kolezko

You can download it here:

2) Various Other Bits of Press Love…

As ever our best Eskimo kisses to these fine folk:

Kambodsja @ Maps Magazine
Pipedream @ Maps Magazine
Pipedream (new EP review) @ Rock Midgets
My Little Pony @ The National Student
The Little Hands of Asphalt @ Maps Magazine
The Little Hands of Asphalt @ Alice Tragedy
Kambodsja Interview @ Old Age Hipster (formatting gone awry over there mind u!)

3) We Signed Another Band

Showing scant regard for the chronolgy of this email (seeing as weve mentioned em twice already!) we have signed a new band. They are called My Little Pony, they number five and they are spread between Oslo and Lisbon.

What do they play? Well... think of a happy blend of Belle & Sebastian, The Shins and Kings of Convenience (oh Belle & Sebastian how we love you even after all these years...) they are rocking our world right now... indeed their song “A Song For You (On Your 40th Birthday)” is one of the most perfect “beatles themed” songs ive ever heard!!

Look out for the band as part four of the Full Stop To Bad Pop Campaign this side of Christmas!

4) The Little Hands of Asphalt UK Dates

Sjur plays a solo show (indeed his debut UK performance) December 7th at the Bedford in Balham. We are currently lining up another london show for the day after to tie in around some promo stuff weve got lined up for him... treat. Keep your eyes peeled

Oh – and on the subject of The Bedford – to everyone who came down to the first installment of the Grapevine Sessions a few weeks back – thank you so much!! The place was absultely rammed to the doors and an immense night was had by all... Michael K and Sharks Took the rest.... wow!

5) Anyway - finally.... DONT FORGET...!!!

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• You can still get your free download eps from Pipedream, The James Magic and The Little Hands of Asphalt at

We You

Team LA x

Ps - eyes peeled for some (hopefully) uber uber uber exciting news in the next few weeks – we are literally bouncing up and down... (much to the bemusement of everyone in my office)

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