Friday, 20 November 2009

Podcasters Wanted

Greetings planet earth

before i go any further I need to play you a song. I hears this song again recently for the first tmie in ages and it has been soundtracking my life for some time now and I insist (as politley as ever) to listen to it:

Now then enough of that for we are looking for help... Running a little indie label on top of writing forsome magazines, managaing an artist, a full time job etc etc is full on... a little earlier in the year we took on two excellently helpful young tykes called Max and Eleanor (more on them later next week) theses guys are helping me out with some regional promotion, some online and some of the more labour intensive tasks that my rubbish 24 hour a day window precludes

To which end I am currently on the lookout for anyone in possession of a home studio style set up in the northamptonshire area who might be interested in getting involved with producing a monthly podcast for the label

Its an idea ive been playing with a while now but die to time and budget limitations havent been able to see through to fruition as of yt...

Our budget is (predictabley) nil but if anyone wants to get some work under their portfolio belts, or just loves music or is indeed looking to get into music a little more then please get in touch... email and ill get back to you

we can if nothing else keep you stocked in free records, tshirts, merch, eskimo kisses etc etc etc

*awaits deluge of emails*

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