Sunday, 1 November 2009

Lazy Acre in new compilation

So then our friends at the National Student Paper are doing a bumper new music magazine this month and are promoting it with an awesome download compilation. if you head on over to you can pick up your free copy from (i think) November 11th...

There are so many of my favourite bands on this compilation its untrue - check this little lot out:

1 Mat Riviere – FYH
2 funFUN – The trouble with Harry
3 Nodzz – Is She There
4 Curly Hair – High Fives, Low Fives
5 Loz Koleszko – Quack, Quack You’re Dead
6 Cougar – Digit Cleaver feat. Paul Smith of Maximo Park
7 Sharks Took The Rest – Isobel (demo)
8 Ace Bushy Striptease – Whirlwind Regulations (Bas mix)
9 Napoleon III – Zebra
10 Bear Driver – A Thousand Samurais
11 Smoke Fairies – Now The Green Blade Rises
12 Bobby Long – Dead and Done
13 Shoes and Socks Off – I’m a World Class Assassin
14 Swound – What’s Your Poison?
15 Kambodsja – Not All Evil Robots Are Murderers
16 Dials – Gloria Knudson
17 Keyboard Choir – Electrical Unity (edit)
18 Crocodiles – I Wanna Kill
19 Spokes – We Like to Dance and Steal Things
20 The Little Hands of Asphalt – Oslo
21 Solvor Vermeer – Hope
22 Kippi Kannius – The Comfort Of My Eyes
23 Dancer vs Politician – Ratcliffe Highway
24 Pagan Wanderer Lu – The Great British Public Becomes Self Aware
25 Blakfish – Economics

Seriously - Blakfish and Crocodiles?! Just immense.

ill twitter when the comp goes live so come be our follower (sounds like a bleedin cult) @lazyacrerecords

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