Friday, 6 November 2009

The Grapevine Sessions

Man - great live shows really are like buses… you wait ages to be blown away and then get hit head first with a triple header! I’ve been kinda non-plussed of late with live stuff, until this week venturing to the Grapevine Sessions which was the first co-promote we’ve put on with our best friend Berkeley and the wonderful folk of the Bedford in Balham.

Alas in the end our own Ms Solvor Vermeer didn’t make it (Im not going into it but our thoughts are with you Solvor mate) but the three acts that did perform were just AMAZING.

It was great to catch up with Lee Macdougall again after a loooong time and he did a really nice stripped back set at the start of the night… His song “She” (from the white label we did that was doing the rounds on the evening) was great as was Joanna – still a great little pop tune. that was a mere appetizer though for what was in store

Michael Kiwanuka and Sharks Took The Rest absolutely took my breath away – Michael with his soul-y, bluesy folk and Sharks with their string led folk-tronica… honestly I cant remember the last time I got Goosebumps so many times in the same night (well I can but this isn’t really the forum for it!)

They were both utterly incredible and made for an amazing night.

Having been out of the live promotion game for a while I was a bit worried going into the event as to how it was going to turn out (would it be like Waynestock? Would I be reduced to standing on stage giving liquorice instructions to the gathered few?) but the place was absolutely packed and we thank each and every one of those in attendance from the bottom of our blackened hearts… the same goes for the artists themselves who as I say deserved every single clap, holler and handshake they got.

A great night – plans are afoot for a follow up (although having set such a high benchmark we need to make sure we meet up to expectation next time) so keep your eyes peeled.

Finally, I have one copy of the white label CD that was given out left, if you were there and didn’t manage to get hold of a CD drop me an email and ill get it out to you in the post (might get there by xmas!) strictly first come first served…

For now though check out just how awesome these guys are…

Michael Kiwanuka

Sharks Took The Rest

Lee MacDougall

Dont let anyone tell you live music is dead just yet...

Lazy Ben x

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