Tuesday, 8 September 2009

The Little Hands of Asphalt - Updates

First up there has been a truckload of blog love for young Sjor of late... check out some of these glowing write ups!

TLHOA @ Heave Media
TLHOA @ The National Student
TLHOA @ Stranded In Stereo
TLHOA @ Red Hot Velvet
TLHOA @ Die Shellsuit Die
TLHOA @ Hot Jack
TLHOA @ Alice Tragedy

Next up Sjur played the Oya festival in Oslo with Wilco and Artic Monkeys - heres a great little track from the set...

Also, randomly, if you didnt know, sjur sings in Monzano as well who are pretty cool... heres some of there stuff

Bye Bye x

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