Tuesday, 8 September 2009

This Weeks News Mailout (pasted from the email)

Why hello there

Ok then - its somewhat late (having been hamstrung by a double header of a cracked laptop screen and some immensely irritating new quirks of Myspaces security settings) but The James Magic EP is finally available now for free as part three of the “Full Stop To Bad Pop” campaign. Head on over to www.myspace.com/lazyacrerecords now to download your copy for absolutely free.

Is he a Pop pioneer bravely ransacking where angels fear to fly? Is he a post modern poet laureate for the Ipod Generation? Is he a bonkers reminder of all that is great about musical schizophrenia? Well in truth he’s all these things and a lot more… go see what were rabbiting about now - www.myspace.com/lazyacrerecords

While your over at the myspace why not take advantage of our good nature and avail yourselves of free download eps by Pipedream and The Little Hands of Asphalt. Both of which make us, and we’re sure you lot, all giddy and excited. So giddy and excited that you might even want to purchase some Lazy Acre T Shirts or albums by Kambodsja and The Little Hands of Asphalt details of which can be found on the very same website.

Also after a brief and disastrous flirtation with Ditto Music (boo!!) we have just signed a new digital distribution deal with AWAL which will see Lazy Acre Records available from iTunes, Play.com, Amazon MP3 and Tesco MP3. Well - every little helps… Keep em peeled around the end of the month and you could be picking up Pipedream with your Pasta and Kambodsja with your Corn Flakes.

Lots of Love

Ben & Sam

Team LA x

Next Time: ~~~Pipedream UK Tour Dates and new ep out next month hooray!! ~~~ Full Stop To Bad Pop - Part IV ~~~Solvor Vermeer recording updates ~~~LAZYSTOCK First details announced (Man were excited about this!!) ~~~

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