Monday, 5 October 2009

The Latest News


So then after a week recharging the batteries, swimming in the sea and eating a lot of ice cream and a week catching up - wading through hundred weights of emails and generally running round frantically - were back on the horse and have lots of exciting news to catch up - without further ado:

1) Sjur Hits The Road!

Sjur is out on the road in Europe with the excellent My Little Pony right now - tour dates at www.myspace,com/thelittlehandsofasphalt

2) New Pipedream EP out next month

Hot on the heels of the Let The Rumours Flow EP, which we released earlier this year we are super chuffed to announce the release of a new (self titled) four track EP of hard rockin awesomeness out october 22nd.

Recorded a couple of years back the tracks are a more rockin in nature but keep some massive radio groping chorusus - we are a little bit in love with these songs right now.

The EP will be available from itunes,, amazon mp3 and tesco mp3 (every little helps and all that)

3) Tessa Frith album news

We took delivery of the master of Tessa's album last week and can report that it is both heartbreaking and beautiful in equal measure.

We've pencilled in a provisional release date for the album of january 4th 2010 - expect a single beforehand, but for the time being check out tracks now at

4) Oh I forgot pipedream tour news!

We are very sad to announce that having been let down badly by the band we were supposed to be touring with, it looks like Pipedreams october tour will be postponed until the new year. The plan is that the guys will instead be coming over in March next year ahead of their appearance at the "Lazy Acre Vs BBC Weekender" themed festival happening in Northampton. This will be exciting to say the least.

The council are astroturfing the town centre for us goddammit!!

5) Finally Dont Forget Now...

- Solvor Vermeer ( plays the Bedford in Balham, November 5th with Sharks Took The Rest and Michael Kiwanuka

- The James Magic EP is available to download for free www.fullstoptobadpop.blogspot,com along with free records from The Little Hands of Asphalt and Pipedream

- We are down to our last hanfdful of copies of 'Leap Years' (The Little Hands of Aspalt new album) so if you want one - get your orders in quick!

- You can come follow us on Twitter (@lazyacrerecords) and facebook ("benmainwaring lazyacrerecords")

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