Friday, 30 December 2011

Introducing: Sledding with Tigers

So we are very pleased to introduce you to a new act we are working with in the new year: Sledding with Tigers. We will be putting out a cassette compilation of all the guys work to date in the first quarter of 2012 and here's the info (stream below)

"Sledding With Tigers started off as a dumb joke. Dan Faughnder (Guitar, Vocals) started writing stupid songs to make his friends laugh at parties. Soon after, he put out a terrible album of autotuned, acoustic songs, and threw it on the internet under the name “Sledding With Tigers”. After one more failed attempt at a comedy album, Dan decided it was time to actually try his hand at something with substance. The first “real” Sledding With Tigers EP was released in the summer of 2010, and people actually enjoyed it!

This made Dan really happy, and he started playing more shows, and recruited his buddy, Samantha Juneman to play violin for him. In December 2010, they put out another EP entitled “The Hill Sheep”, and even more people liked that one!

Now, international stars of film and screen, Dan and Sam set off to change the world with another EP of even sadder songs, and even did a California tour, resulting in two traffic tickets, and more friends!

The two then asked their buddy, Robert Martin (of Gross Negligence and Grim Luck fame), to play banjo with them! Robert has a really good beard. So, in the fall of 2011, they recorded a split EP with their good buddies, KIDS. It’s the loudest thing they’ve ever done, and they think its pretty rad, even if you don’t much care for it.
So that’s the story so far! They eagerly await to see what happens next!"


1. The 405 (Is For Lovers!?)
2. Not Trying To Be Awkward
3. In Response To All The Songs Erich Beckmann Writes
4. Smile! Why Not?!
5. Hey Vanessa!
6. Plans
7. The Continuing Adventures of Feeling Down and Out
8. 5432Fun!!!
9. Ten Fourty-Five
10. Sick & Tired/Sick & Tired
11. Going to Georgia
12. The Prettiiest Sound That Rain Makes
13. The Kids Will Be Alright, Eventually
14. Carmel Mountain
15. Going To Stockton
16. Going To San Diego
17. Valentimes is Serious Times
18. Southbound!!! Northbound!!! Partybound!!! Dead.
19. Sweater Weather
20. Pizza Party! 1, 2 3!!!
21. They Sure Are Going All Out For Labor Day This Year, Aren’t They?

You can check out streams etc on the bands bandcamp page

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