Thursday, 7 October 2010

Updates from Lazy Acre

So its been a weird few days. Having purposely taken a few days away from my email and phone and just generally tried to take a few moments, getting back saw hundreds of emails, a stack of CDs on the doormat (Including yet more from Hurts – note to Hurts PR man – stop sending me their records – they make me want to hurt something!) but among the debris and stacks of exciting developments that I can’t yet tell you about (more of which to follow soon though) there were a number of nice things that I saw fit to bring to your attention.

First up: MY LITTLE PONY have a new single out. Its called HARD TO BE GOOD and is an immense indie disco floorfiller. Easily the happiest song we’ve heard for a while it raises expectations for the new album to fever pitch on the acre. Its available in iTunes etc but for now here’s the awesome video for the track.

Next up there were a few nice bits of press to report in on including nice mentions of the compilation over at (with our thanks to Eira) and Slanted Mixtapes, a nice 7/10 review for the compilation from the kind folk at The 405, and we also found out that Monzano had been made video of the week over at Art Star.

Next up, we have now gotten most of the content together for the upcoming zine (the one that will be bundled in with the compilation that we told you about here) including a very cool piece from BBC Weekenders Natasha House and some awesome little illustrations from Alice Tragedy. She has done some cool bits around some of the songs on the compilation – here’s what she made of Solvor Vermeer and The Little Hands of Asphalt. Treat.

Finally we also found out that whilst out and about in his little car Lazy Bens Dad passed the real life Lazy Acre and in an audacious piece of photographic inspiration pegged it up the side of the road to get a photo.


Much Love

The Lazy Boy x

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