Friday, 15 October 2010

A Catch Up On The Lazy Acre Records Club

As its Friday and Im feeling generous I thought Id share with you the 8 tracks
that have to date been featured in our Lazy Acre Records Club. This is - of course - our free weekly singles club which you can get involved in and recieve by clicking over to our Facebook page and "liking" it.

That simple.

So far in the 8 weeks we've been running this we have visited 6 countries across 3 different continents to bring you a veritable va-va-voom of musical awesomeness and we really hope you've been enjoying the tracks.

Feel free to pick up the 8 tracks below here although be warned Im not going to be posting these tracks on this site for a while so if you want to recieve more free tracks over the coming weeks then GET ON OVER AND LIKE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE!

The Lazy Acre Records Club by lazyacrerecords

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