Monday, 26 July 2010

Open Call for submissions

So we've never really gotten into compilations as such - certainly no more than the odd mp3 sampler (like this one we did for bylarm) - so we're stoked to announce that we've finally gotten round to doing one.

"One of these days alice" will be released in August, and will be a compilation with a slight twist. See you will be able to get hold of it either digitally (featuring the mp3s and a pdf of the first in a series of fanzines we are creating) or physically with a CD and printed copy of said zine.

We're really excited about the whole project to be honest so we really hope you like it. We've got tons of awesome acts lined up to be involved and the zine has got some awesome content as well including columns from some of our favourite bloggers, labels, writers and DJ's.


Anyway we have three slots in the tracklisting open and so we are throwing open the doors for your demos... if you want us to consider your band for inclusion then pleeeeeease get in touch. We've been getting a real kick out of discovering new acts for this so give us more!! send your mp3s to

More information coming soon


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