Tuesday, 27 July 2010

The Lazy Acre Records Club

So a little while back we got the idea of starting a new 52 part singles club whereby to encourage people to check out what we were up to each week, we would send a new track out each week for free to fans of the label. Just like that. Its taken longer than anticipated to get this all sorted out but were stoken to finally have it starting out...

So yes, that is exactly what we are doing. Sending out a new track each week. For Free. This isnt stuff we're working on or hawking around; no sales pitch, no press push, no videos, no long nights burning promo cds... In truth Im just really excited to be able to find a way of shining a little spotlight on a bunch of bands that we love and that we think you might like to.

All you have to do to get your hands on these 52 free tracks is click through to our facebook page and "like" it to become a fan. You will then be added to the list and get the update each week. All of the old files will be on the site so latecomers can get everything... The first two installments are up on the site now for your free download. You can stream them there too to see what they sound like before commiting precious bandwidth! (you dont wanna slow that torrent of Inception down for no reason now do you?!)

Anyway the first two entries to the club are a couple of my favourite tracks of late - one from "Team Me" (an awesome Sufjan-Stevens-with-bleeps outfit from Elverum (or maybe Flisa I cant remember now - eek - Uno Moller will kill me hes told me lots!) in Norway and "Jenny & Tyler" - a country folk duo all the way from Nashville Tennesse they have a pair of beautifully intertwining voices. Super sweet.

if youve got a soft spot for anything like Andrew Bird, Sufjan Stevens, Perfume Genius, Lisa Hannigan, Feist, Joni Mitchel et all then you could well be falling in love with either or both of these acts very soon.

Please get in touch and let us know what you think... In the meantime if you like what you hear and think that some of your FB friends might like to get involved then tell them to come and join the page and they can recieve the tracks too...

Week 3 will be out... er - next week.

Much Love


PS - we are seriously f**king excited to have confirmed these guys for our new compilation. Theyre on How Is Annie Records and are rocking our world right now

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