Saturday, 9 January 2010

News Update - New signings etc

Morning all

anyone else bored of the snow yet? yeah us too...

to brighten your morning then please see the latest news from down here on the acre:

1) New Signing

In the last two weeks we have signed not one but two incredible additions to our roster... The first of which I can announce today... we first heard about Uno Moller through the excellent Alice Tragedy blog ( and fell in love with his broken down acoustic tunes. They reminded us of Sparklehorse and Elliot Smith and that was a very excellent thing.

Uno released a series of three tiny limited edition eps in 2009 and we have great pleasure in rereleasing them formally here in the UK in 2010. The release is going to be quite an interesting one - we will be collating a ten track album from the three eps for a "you name the price" style digital release, a digital bundle of all 3 records with e-booklet and a super limited edition box set featuring all three records on CD with all manner of awesome bonus bits - its almost a record and artset combined. were super excited and very happy to be working on this Uno and indeed Alice Tragedy herself on the artwork, More to come on this but for new check out

more news on another awesome signing next time.

2) Blog Love - the romance continues

All kinds of goodness here

Kambodsja interview @ Rock Midgets (
Little Hands of Asphalt interview @ Art Star (
Lazy Acre Day on Maps Advent Calendar (
My Little Pony @ The Heads Up Blog (
Uno Moller @ The Heads Up Blog (
Pipedream @ Rock Midgets (
Its also worth noting that both Kambodsja and The Little Hands of Asphalt were named in "Best of 2009" end of year lists at The National Student, Eardrums Music, Old Age Hipster and Rock Midgets.


3) My Little Pony release

The new installment of the Full Stop To Bad Pop campaign ( comes in the form of a new ep from one of our favourite bands of last year My Little Pony. If you like your indie pop in the vein of Belle & Sebastian, My Sad Captains and The Shins your in for a treat.

The free five track download will be available from January 18th.

In the meantime Ive added a video and a new track to the player right now over at

More new signings, exciting releases and the like next time for now though dont forget

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lots of love

team LA x

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