Wednesday, 13 January 2010

BBC Weekender, New Pipedream EP, Reminder - MY LITTLE PONY!!!

Hi there

So… sorry I know its only been a matter of days since we last invaded your inbox but a couple of things have come up to draw your attention to…

1)Lazy Acre invades the BBC Weekender Show

Natasha and the gang over at The BBC Weekender have been unendingly generous in their support of Lazy Acre in the past and so we are very happy to be back as a guest on the show this Friday (January 15th) talking about out plans for the new year and indeed giving some sneak previews of some rather awesome new signings we happen to have made. Oh yes.

You can tune in on 104.2FM and 103.6 FM if you’re in Northamptonshire or online at

The show will also be available as a downloadable PODCAST from Friday evening

2)Blogs Love Pipedream

Some very kind words on the new Pipedream EP for you

Pipedream @ Punktastic
Pipedream @ Art Star

3)My Little Pony EP out on Monday

As those of you that check your facebook invites will already know, the new, free MY LITTLE PONY ep is out on Monday for free download from

Get hold of your copy as soon as you can and help melt the snow with all manner of warm cuddly pop goodness

That’s all for now everyone

Have a great week

Lots of Love

Team LA

PS - heres a little treat, little hands of asphalt play LOOKS LIKE STYROFOAM in an acousticy styley - backstage at the bedford in Balham. December 2009

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