Friday, 16 October 2009

This Weeks News... Solvor Live, Reviews Round, James Magic live sessions and more

1) Reviews Round Up

Some kind words on our intrepid adventurers:

* The Little Hands of Asphalt @ Mondomix
* The Little Hands of Asphalt @ Shakespeares Sister
* Moggz @ The National Student
* The James Magic @ OAH
* The James Magic @ The National Student

* An Interview with Moggz

2) Solvor Vermeer showcase details

As mentioned previously Solvor plays an awesome showcase gig at The Bedford in Balham next month. Details are below: Flier attached!

The Grapevine Sessions presents:

Solvor Vermeer, Sharks Took The Rest, Michael Kiwanuka & Lee Macdougall

November 5th

The Bedford, Balham

Doors - 7.30 PM


Sharks Took The Rest are one of my favourite acts right now and the demos reaching of us Solvors soon to be completed debut EP are astounding… this should be a great night!

Check out more here

While over for this gig we are also recording a live session for Balcony TV (all being well) and a live interview / acoustic session for Londons Pulse FM as well. treat.

In the meantime we send our best get well soon wishes to Ms Vermeer who is currently wandering around Oslo in earplugs having damaged her ears overdoing it with a glockenspiel in the studio… Imagine hearing that horrible ringy music from the end of the Apprentice 24/7 *Shudders* anyway I Digress,,,

3) The James Magic Live Session

We only just found this ourselves but you can listen to / look at pictures of The James Magics recent live session for BBC Hereford and Worcester right over here…

In the meantime don’t forget you can download St Jimmys recent addition to the Full Stop to Bad Pop campaign over at for the grand price of nada

4) None Lazy Acre News…

Our friend Joel Bailey (a man in possession of a decent golf swing it must be said) plays the BBC Emerging Proms @ Camden Roundhouse October 26th – if your at a loose end go check him out, hes great. There are songs available on his website Hes got a kind of Nizlopi playing John Mayer songs kinda vibe… we like a lot

5) National Student Magazine

Look out in The National Student Magazines November issues for a new music special featuring an interview with Solvor Vermeer, features on the Little Hands of Asphalt and Kambodsja, Lazy Acre Giveaways and maybe even a free LHOA and kambodsja MP3 as well…

Go hang around a halls of residence near you! alternatively, if u want to avoid being tagged as some kind of weirdo just check out

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