Thursday, 15 October 2009

The perils of technology

Ive been having major problems with my laptop - in that the screen is horribly cracked and i can only use it when hooked up to my TV... makes for interesting times... i am about ready to throw the thing at the wall. hateful technology

In better news I am currently listening to a new artist who i am looking to sign who I think you will be very excited by... Ive also spent the morning writing press releases and booking in some TV sessions for Sjur in December... good times

oh also Sam and myself have finally started cracking on with a new website which will hpefully be coming very soon - it should be very funky all told... keep your eyes peeled at

A treat to warm your cockles this cold October day, Solvor Vermeer Live @ Kollenfestivalen last month. Treat.

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