Saturday, 12 May 2012

Two new releases for you

We just thought that we would take a quick break from jealously reading everyone else's Great Escape tweets to let you know about a veritable truckload of new stuff going on. In the early spring sunshine the folk of Lazy Acre are keeping super busy as ever: Sledding with Tigers are in a Californian studio finishing up a new three track single to be released on Dans birthday next week, Uno Moller is busy in Japan with Team Me, Making Marks are holed up in Six Feet Over studios in Oslo recording new songs and us? Well we're just desperately trying to keep up with it all in our inbox. A quick few lines anyway about a couple of new releases:

Misha Non Penguin - new single out June 1st
Oslo's Misha Non Penguin release a new single DRIFTERS on June 1st. The single (dubbed as a mix of Frightened Rabbit and Animal Collective this week by Amazing Radio) is the first to be released from the bands recently completed debut album and will be available through all good digital platforms.

Two new Stylusboy releases currently available: 
In case you hadn't noticed, our dear friend mr Stylusboy has in the last couple of weeks released not one but two new records. FOUR WALLS is an album of live recordings put together during the mans tour of the UK's houses, gardens and allotments last year while the second release is a collection of awesome remixes from last years Whole Picture mini album. Some of the tracks are utterly unrecognisable and you would be well advised to pick up both (for a price which I believe you can name) over at

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