Thursday, 19 April 2012

New CD Releases Coming Your Way

Digital singles and mp-whatnots are all very well and good but nothing for us gets us excited like getting PROPAH RECORDS like in our grubby little hands. As such we are super excited to announce not one but three new CD releases all of which will be available very shortly.

The first is a limited edition CD run of TWIN PINES MALL amazing new album “Sporting Event” which should batshit Norwegian hardcore be your thing, you will no doubt love. If you just cant wait you can listen to the album on bandcamp for now.

Second up we are super excited about the release of SLEDDING WITH TIGERS heartbreakingly cute ep “The Arrested Cats” (Which I think Im right in saying is the first CD release of the record – certainly outside of the States). The CD will also feature a sneaky bonus track in the form of a live rendition of 10:46.

And finally we are also prepping a new label Sampler (entitled “Norwanglish” for which we thank Synee Eileen) and features a veritable va-va-voom of awesome new music. Tracklisting below. In the meantime keep your eyes and ears peeled on Twitter / FB etc for more details over the coming days:

Tracklisting for Norwanglish:

Bellman – The Curse
Uno Moller – Silent Speakers
Synee Eileen & The Sunbeams – Cuckoo
Twin Pines Mall – Car Crash Hands
Mischa Non Penguin – Fear of Assault
Steffan Galler - Smile
Stylusboy – The Whole Picture
Sledding with Tigers – The Kids Will Be Alright, Eventually.
Sajama Cut – Paintings / Pantings
Sunturns – Season Cyclics

And finally our dear friend Mr Stylusboy releases a new remix mini album this weekend to coincide with Record Store Day. The seven track ep is frankly awesomesauce and you will be able to get hold of it from his bandcamp. In the meantime here is a little sneak peek preview:

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