Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Uno Moller Week - Day Two

So on the spur of the moment we decided that this week we would dedicate to one of our favourite people and a long time Lazy Acre co-conspirator Mr Uno Moller. Each day we are bringing you live sessions, free tracks to download and other bits and pieces along the way.

So we promised that we would be bringing you all manner of little treats this week to celebrate Uno Moller week and boy have we dug up a little treasure here.

You may or may not remember that when we released Uno's debut album "Songs from my beautiful colourball" we ran a treasure hunt that ran across ten different blogs in ten different countries on ten different days. It was awesome fun (and helped us to reach a lot of people" and the prize was an ep recorded especially by Uno for the winner.

Todays free exclusive download is a track from that ep that up until now has only ever been heard by us, Uno and the competition winner. Pretty cool huh?

Enjoy it anyway...

We have some cool videos for you to enjoy tomorrow, recorded for the 405 live in Oslo but for now we bid you goodnight x

Uno Moller - She's leaving home by lazyacrerecords

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