Saturday, 8 October 2011

Calling all Photographers!

Greetings, we write this note on account of requiring the creative wonders of a small but wonderful team of photographers. Im talking to you. Yes you with the polaroid / iphone with Instagram on it.

See we are currently curating a compilation to highlight all that has been great and indeed more than great in 2011 from Lazy Acre (indeed it should be available later in the year as a download / CD affair) and we are looking to commission a photograph for each of the tracks. Thats all the creative direction we are giving.

We would like to find a dozen or so photographers who would like to take part - the photo will become the artwork for that track and be featured in a large poster and CD booklet that will accompany the CD.

If you would like to be involved then please just email us on and we can send you the track for inspiration.

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