Monday, 25 July 2011

A note to Oslo

As I sit and write this note it has been nearly 72 hours since events began to unfold in our beloved Norway at the end of last week and even now it seems as unfathomable and unreal as it did when the first grainy shots of smoke floating across the skyline hit the news.

Sjur sings that Oslo is a small, small town (I know Solvor for one agrees with him) and with that in mind I cant begin to understand the fear and confusion and hurt the whole city must be feeling right now.

I don't want to sit here and speculate nor pontificate and try and involve myself in conversations on twitter that I dont have the knowledge nor experience nor empathy to try and understand, this is merely a note to let you know Oslo that we are thinking of you. Pretty much all of our acts and friends are thankfully accounted for (with a couple of exceptions - if you are reading this and haven't been in touch please let us know you are ok) but we know that there are many who cannot say they are as lucky - our thoughts and prayers are with them all.

Anyone that knows Lazy Acre knows that Oslo and Norway have been beyond good to us. To a man supportive and friendly and kind and warm, Norway and its people have taken us into their lives and I fear we may never repay the debt of gratitude and kindness we have to so many people there. We know you're hurting guys, our thoughts are with you all and we can't wait to be back with you soon.

Stay safe people

Team Lazy x

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