Monday, 24 January 2011

Solvor Vermeer Live: TOMORROW

So what better way to use our 150th post on this 'ere blog than to let you know that SOLVOR VERMEER is playing live in Oslo tomorrow night. The show is the Norwegian live launch of her debut ep "The Beaming Light".

The show happens tomorrow night - Jan 25th - at Herr Nielsen. The show details are on Facebook here.

Indeed Solvor also now has her own page set up on Facebook which you can check out at

Here's a vide of the kind of beautiful piano led melancholy you can expect:

In the meantime, Solvor also has a bunch of shows coming up at By:Larm next month including our joint showcase with How is Annie Records which also features Bellman, The Little Hands of Asphalt and Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson. We will have all manner of new CDs and merch with us on the night including the CD version of our new compilation Three Doors Down & Doing The Charlestone, a new double gatefold version of Uno Mollers "Songs from my beautiful colourball" album (complete with a bonus disc of new and unreleased tracks) and the CD version of Solvors Beaming Light EP. Awesome you say? Not even close.

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