Wednesday, 1 December 2010

So the reason then that we were in Oslo

So as you will have noticed (especially if you follow us on twitter) we spent the weekend in a very cold Oslo. And we had a blast - in the company of Oli from the 405. Although it should be stressed we were indeed working.

At what you ask? Well heres the awesome news. First up we took the 405 as in a couple of weeks we will be running a Lazy Acre Takeover on the site and jam filling it with all kinds of Lazy Acre goodness including interviews with Monzano and Bellman, a special edition of the My Favourite Records series, live acoustic sessions from Uno, Bellman and I See Horses and a whole load more.

We were also recording some content for a special show we are doing for BBC Radio Northamptonshire and 6music. The show on Northamptonshire will be a one hour lazy acre special with interviews, live tracks, more lazy tuneage than you know what to do with and plenty of waffling from yours truly. That will go out December 17th.

Oh and we also did some stuff for an oslo-centric insert for Tom Robinsons show featuring Team Me, Einar Stray and Sareena Maneesh.


So things we learnt this week: How Monzano would survive a zombie apocolypse, How the norwegians are employing fembot style sirens to recruit new citizens, that solvor vermeer is a bad influence ("just one drink" to 630am bedtimes), that My Little Pony have literally JUST finished a new album, that Einar Stray is astounding live and that it is indeed possible to modestly wax £100 in 26 hours (8 of which you were asleep for!)

Also we learnt this morning that the kind folk of The 405 have gone and named Monzano in their eps of the year list. Alongside Sufjan Stevens and Dad Rocks! for two. Nice company I'm sure you will agree. You can check it out here anyway and for the hell of it why not check out All Scandinavians take on the Ep as well.

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