Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Radio show, new releases, end of year stuff

So then; its been a strange and busy few weeks all told over here. There is much to get through so in nothing like chronological order here goes:

The Lazy Acre Takeover of BBC Introducing went out on friday night in Northamptonshire. We owe massive love to Tash and Ally for this and we had a lot of fun doing it. If you missed it you can still hear it on the iplayer by clicking here.

Next up what with it being the end of the year (/decade) there are the obligatory end of year lists going around. We were super pleased then to discover that Uno Moller made Birds Sometimes Dance's end of year best of list for his album "Songs from my beautiful colourball". Indeed he also made Art Stars best of 2010 list (along with Solvor Vermeer whos ep The Beaming Light made the list). Finally Monzano also made the list of The 405's favourite eps of the year list as well.

Oh and Uno Moller was also Norways representative in this months Music Alliance Pact which you can find on 30 odd blogs by googling Music Alliance Pact.

And finally our friends I See Horses have a new single out for christmas. Its called Last Christmas (I Shot You Down) and you can hear it / download it for free, below.

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