Monday, 6 December 2010

End of year lists

So a few people in various webzines and mags have been asking me about my favourite records of the year... I always struggle with these due to the fact my memory is terrible but for the record here's what made my various lists: (although I should preface this by saying that these are none label releases - my absolute favourite record of 2010 is indeed a little one of ours from earlier in the year and as such will remain a tasteful secret)

My First Tooth - Territories
Moon Duo - Escape
Mimas - Lifejackets
Talons - Hollow Realm
Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson - Puzzle The Detective
Mark McCabe - When I Grow Up
Woodenbox with a fistful of fivers - Home and the wild hunt
Kyte - Dead Waves
The Candle Thieves - Sunshine and other misfortunes
Scott Pilgrim Soundtrack
Dad Rocks - Digital Age
Sufjan Stevens - Age of Adz
Delay Trees - Soft Construction EP
Ruarri Joseph - Shoulder To The Wheel

Im sure you will all sleep better for knowing that!

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