Friday, 19 November 2010

Catch Up

Apologies for the lack of updates this last week or so - things have been ever so slightly insane on the acre of late. The new Monzano EP is still continuing to gather some lovely reviews - indeed this last week or so has seen very kind words from the folks of the 405, eardrums, indie today and acuvi.

Also we are super excited to announce that the next installment of the Full Stop To Bad Pop campaign will be provided by acoustic led nord's BELLMAN who will release the "Spaceship! Move Slow" EP in early december on Lazy Acre. There are some beautiful moments on the record and even more on the bands new full length album THE CURSE which will be released on Lazy Acre around the time of By:Larm next year.

Heres an awesome video for the title track of the EP.

And finally the Acre was a place of unabashed excitement this week with the news that we are off to Oslo next weekend in the company of the fine folk of the 405. We are headnig over to record a load of interviews, sessions etc etc for some very special birthday takeovers that are happening with the405, BBC Northamptonshire and 6Music to celebrate turning a whole three years old shortly.

Its going to be immense and crazy busy but there will be lots of awesome stuff to fill you in on in the coming days.

Much Love
The Lazy Boy x

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