Monday, 18 October 2010

Press Release: Lazy Acre expands Full Stop Campaign by joining up with The National Student

So then, I've been promising some news for a little while now about the expansion of the Full Stop to Bad Pop campaign and here it is. We are linking up with the awesome guys at The National Student who will be joining the campaign as a media partner.

The full details are below but the pertinent news is that we will be able to count on the support of the NS guys to help get the releases that feature in the Full Stop campaign to a eyewatering number of people. The National Student guys are a great bunch who have been super supportive of our little adventures for a long time now so we're really happy to be working with them on this. The consequences of this announcement will become clear in the coming days (there are further excellent surprises afoot) but for now here the full press release:

The National Student and Lazy Acre Join Forces

The National Student is pleased to announce a new link up with indie label Lazy Acre Records that sees them joining Lazy Acre's ‘Full Stop To Bad Pop’ campaign as media partners. Lazy Acres 'Full Stop' campaign is a series of free releases available digitally exposing amazing new music.

The partnership will see these records being available through The National Student’s website for an exclusive seven-day period before being made available to the general public.

Lazy Acre founder Ben Mainwaring notes, "This link up will really help us to expand what we're doing here with these bands and we are really excited to be able to reach such a large network of music fans both across the UK and further afield. Student press and radio have been a key factor in us promoting our releases and so were really excited to be developing this tradition further."

Meanwhile National Student Editor James Thornhill added, "We have always been committed to promoting great new music to our readers and this collaboration is really exciting. There are some releases in the pipeline from some truly awesome acts, that people really need to hear"

The first release following this link up is the upcoming EP, Apple Handsome, from Norwegian indie-pop band MONZANO which is out on November 1st. The EP will have two versions available - a free download featuring six tracks and printable artwork, and a deluxe version (the price of which users decide) where even the smallest donation will unlock two bonus tracks, videos, deluxe printable artwork and PC wallpaper.

Further releases are currently being readied including discussions about new releases from industro-rockers TWIN PINES MALL and glitch, laptop-led post-rock band SLEEPING THROUGH SUNDAY.

For more information on Lazy Acre Records, The National Student or The Full Stop To Bad Pop Campaign contact James ( or Ben ( for details.

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