Wednesday, 18 August 2010

A few points of interest...

So then - all manner of good stuff going on over here at the moment including the final preparations for our excellent new compilation "Three hands down and doing the Charlestone" which we'll be filling you in on in the coming days...

My Little Pony and Little Hands of Asphalt joint show last week at Oya has been gathering rave reviews (including this wee note here which reports that a good half hour before the show had started the bathroom sinks were full of vomit. which is lovely) while I See Horses set was equally well recieved... You can check out some photos from ISH' set over here on Facebook .

In the meantime we have had a few more nice words in on some of intrepid heroes including The Heads Up blog waxing lyrical about I SEE HORSES , Aark Mag in Glasgow getting similarly effusive about the very same equine band and The Maroon Cafe throwing their support behind Mr Uno Moller as well.


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