Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Drowned in Lazy Acre

Imagine my delight this morning when upon checking by Drowned in Sound, I noticed a guide to some great Norwegian acts to check out at Oya next week (which Im so gutted I cant get to). Great I thought - nice to see some Nordic bands get a nice push.

Imagine how close I came to actually lifting off the floor with excitement then, to find not only our friends Team Me listed in the piece - but a number of journalists on there waxing lyrical about our good friends The Little Hands of Asphalt. It even went on to make a number of glowing references to another band that we are in the process of trying to sign at the minute so thats pretty damn exciting all round. We will tell you more about this though as it becomes fact and not excited daydream.

You can check it out here.

Also Uno Moller was Tuna The Day. Have you named the price and got your download of his album "Songs from my beautiful colourball" yet? Well go get it my little princesses

Heres a rather nice little video of Little Hands of Asphalt at last years Oya Festival

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