Wednesday, 25 August 2010

A breathless catch up: I See Horses, Mixtapes and more

Well, my twitter and facebook feeds have gone bonkers the last few days with people getting in touch about the Great Big Uno Moller Uno Treasure hunt. We are now three clues down (you can pick up the trail and get involved by clicking here) and today sees Uno visiting one of my absolute favourite music sites the 405.

In other exciting news I See Horses have been booked to play a live session next week on NRK’s P3 sessions in Norway with none other than Band of Horses - which is *beyond* immense. In the meantime SugarPopSugarPop also made a nice mention of them, while The National Student featured their video as a video of the day. Dont forget you can download their EP for free here

Wonderful stuff.

As if all of that wasn’t quite enough - the SugarPopSugarPop guys also featured our dear friend Mr Moller as part of their most recent mixtape alongside some other little bands like Pete Yorn and Arcade Fire. oh and The National which Laura G is excited about. I just don’t get it with them.

Anyway you can download it (along with a bunch of other very cool mixtapes) for free over here. Add all of that into the final stages of the compilation coming together, a new My Little Pony single coming very soon, a wicked cool split EP with the good folk of BOI Records and the details of our third birthday party being announced and your onto something pretty. fucking. exciting.

Much Love

The Lazy Boy x

BTW heres one of my favourite recent videos - comes from the excellent and similarly Northampton based (/stranded) My First Tooth who have very kindly donated a track to our new compilation. This is their new single Orchards. Its lovely and its out on Alcopop Records now and you should buy it asap!

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