Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Long overdue catch up...

Well… It has to be said I’ve been truly terrible at keeping this blog updated the last couple of weeks… things have been so busy I literally haven’t had the time. Oh don’t look like that at me Blogger. Come on that’s not fair…

Anyway behind the scenes things have been cracking on apace. Some kind words have been coming in on the Uno Moller album which we released a couple of weeks back. There are some here from Little lion girl (on twitter @littleliongirl) and some more here from Acuvi and some from Buried by the Buzz.

You can get the album in the form of a “you name the price” digital download now from Uno’s page on Bandcamp. Its genuinely one of our favourite records of this year – lovely folky goodness. We are currently in the process of sketching out a new split release for later in the year with Uno and another one of our favourite recent discoveries who we will tell you about soon.

We are at present desperately scrambling to rearrange dates for Solvor to come over to the UK for her first tour – as soon as we have news on this we will let you know.

We are also in the process right now of assembling our first bona fide compilation. we have looked at this in the past and never really been too excited by the idea but we’ve hit on a bit of blinder of a concept (we think anyway) and so are busy squirreling away bands and bumper value add content to create a bit of a treat for you guys… We really hope you dig it when its ready.

Shit did I really jusy say “dig it”? Jesus we’re back in 1993. I am the Fresh Prince of Lazy Acre.

What other news? Well My Little Pony are in the process of trying to salvage their second album from the depths of Sjur Lysieds hard drive which recently deceased (hvil I fred gamle venn) so we’re anxiously awaiting news… The demos of the two tracks we have heard from the new record are lovely. really folky and uber melodic. Is it any wonder that My Little Pony is far and away our most downloaded release in the full stop to bad pop series? By A clear 250 d/ls at last count.

Here’s a video to one of my favourites:

My Little Pony - Skipping Down the Street

Sigurd Fandango | MySpace Video

Theres something to put a smile on your face for the morning!

Much Love

Jazzy Jeff and the Lazy Boy x

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