Wednesday, 16 June 2010

A hello from inside the colourball.

Were all getting really excited right now about helping our good friend Uno Moller in releasing his debut album "Songs from my beautiful colourball". In excited anticipation of the release Mr Moller put together this ere little guest blog:


My new great pal Ben asked me to write a little hello. So...

I am me. Me is Uno Møller. It’s alright to call me Uno Moller, if you don’t have a norwegian keyboard on your nice little computer, and since the internet will almost collapse and break down if you try to type the letter Ø in urls. Anyway...
I’m sitting here drinking coffee while defrosting some hot dogs for a little special BBQ this evening. This evening will amongst other things include a ukulele, some old pieces of cloathing, a banjo, a pair of glasses from the year 1999, good friends and some bubbly wine. And we all know that’s a good evening right there. So...

I grew up in a small norwegian in-the-middle-of-nowhere-town called Flisa. Here I ran through the forrests and big open landscapes and did strange things. Started a punk band at 15 or so. Went through a a couple of goth years, and then onto form an alternative rock band-Wintermare, with my brother and a couple of friends. We lived and played our music for five or six years, released some demos, an album and a video. It was a blast. We’re now in different corners of the world, doing our own thing for a while.

Almost two years ago I moved to Oslo. In my sudden lack of band, and a sudden musical loneliness, I started writing and recording these little songs on my acoustic guitar. I suddenly found myself in a new acoustic, spacy environment I never really planned. These songs became a few EPs that I just gave away to friends and random people I met. Now, this has grown and have become it’s own thing. I’m really excited and thankful to get to be a part of the great Lazy Acre family.

They’ve given me a great chance to reach out and meet and play these songs for all of you great people out there. I’m also excited about having my good friend Laura drawing some nice cover art for these different releases. I’ve know her for a few years now and always loved her drawings. So, I’m glad she wanted to do this.
In between all my sitting alone with my guitar, I play with my great folky friends, kings and queen of harmonies in Team Me, meet up with my pal Andreas at grandma’s house for some screaming and banging on instruments as Twin Pines Mall and some other random music projects here and there. But, enough about me... who are you?

Look out for the Colourball rolling your way this summer. Hope you’ll pick it up and give it a go.. I hope to see you soon in a place somewhere near you.

And heres a tiny little film Uno made whilst in Australia recently studying.

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