Saturday, 17 April 2010

New (Free!) Music Subscription, Solvor updates and Uno Moller News

As I type this the sun is shining outside and there is all manner of irritatin birdsong chirping all over the IPL highlights Im trying to write. Sun might be shining but its bloody freezing having woken up to realise I left the living room window open all night. oops.

Anyway aside from such gubbins there is much to relay to you.

First of all - as I was having some breakfast yesterday morning I decided to start a new subscription music club. Effectively this will become part of our weekly mailouts. How it works is like this - you sign up for our new and improved mailing list and in return once a week we will send you the latest news and a free song. Not stuff were looking to sell, not stuff were working, just songs that we like. and think you will like to. 52 free tracks a year for your email address? bargainous! you can either sign up using the box in the top right hand corner or indeed head on over to this page to do the same and marvel at my html skills at the same time.

We've got some awesome tracks lined up already for this so really hope you want to get involved!

More news - The Maroon Cafe just published a lovely interview with Solvor Vermeer which we must thank Duane for! (Cheers dude) and if you happen to be in WHSmiths or any other quality retailer - go pick up the new issue of Clash Magazine (iggy pop is on the cover) and see a rather nice piece on our girl too. You can check it out online when you register as a user of Clash Music

Here is a flier for her upcoming show with Ingrid Olava which were all getting very excited about:

And finally Uno Moller will provide the next installment of the FullStop Campaign with a 3 track digital single. The single - How to lead you home - will be backed by two new b-sides ("Hola!" and "Sailing with hats") and is really rather lovely. You can hear how to lead you home on the myspace player right now (

Were really excited about this release in general - cant wait for you all to hear it.

And as I leave you I will let you know Uno also plays in a band called Wintermare who are really rather good: go looky.

much love

The Lazy Boy x

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