Thursday, 4 February 2010

Good God Man

After hearing / seeing her name everywhere I look for the last few months Ive finally just listened to a track of Ellie Gouldings... and... I dont get it? what the fuck is a;; the fuss about?! seriously - this is the next in line into the pantheon of great british music?!

I dont know maybe its just me but I genuinely cant hear the difference between this and any of the other shit coming out od Radio 1...

Anyway thats my rant over.

In better news there was a lovely little feature about us over at The 405 today featuring My Little Pony and The Little Hands of Asphalt. Our thanks to Danny for this - much appreciated dude!

You can check it out here

in the meantime heres a classic that just came onto Scuzz as I typed this!


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