Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Eating Fish In Hamburger Heaven


Its been two days almost since I got home and even now when people say “did you have a good weekend?” Im almost lost for words to try and explain how awesome this years By:Larm actually was…

All told the week had so many special memories I almost don’t where to start. Lets start with the relevant news; being crammed against the bar at Little Hands of Asphalts show on Thursday night gave us a reminder of just how loved over there Sjur really is… Watching him play a much bigger and equally packed out show on Saturday night just confirmed it.

Heres a wee picture (courtesy of simon at clash’s mobile) of the man onstage

We also were very happy to see a couple of Monzano shows as well which were awesome. Their new album is available now from Spoon Train and I urge you (urge urge urge you) to go and buy a copy in the coming days. You will not find a better indie pop album this week. Or month. Or maybe even (if our friendAlice Tragedy is to be believed) this year!

Friday night Solvor played our joint Spoon Train / Lazy Acre showcase which was fun (and really nice to meet all those guys properly) and then on Saturday played an even better show in a little studio off the beaten track.

This studio was amazing (especially for a studio geek like me) – there was a “Chuck Norris-rizer” button on the mixing desk and an old vinyl lathe which is the only one of its kind in northern Europe – a perfect setting and by candlelight we sat crosslegged on the floor along with toddlers, King Creosote (who was the nicest bloke in the world by the way and very kindly agreed to tramp around in the snow to come and see the show) and a whole ruck of writers who all seemed to take a bit of a shine to our girl as well.

Again there are some photos up on Facebook over here

Once the business side of things was taken care of there was the issue of which of the hundreds of bands to go and see… Megaphonic Thrift and The River Phoenix for two were just incredible, we saw brilliant sets from Children and Corpse playing in street, our ears got mullered at the front of watching 'For A Minor Reflection', we danced our assess off to 'the Good The Bad' and 'The New Wine' and we sighed hazily as Ingrid Olava and Susanne Sundfor both twinkled their pianos with unabashed twinkliness.

Favourite live moment of the week – being able to lift both of my feet off the ground at Monte’s set and still stay upright due to the sheer number of people crammed in there. My Son asked me if that meant I was flying… I told him yes. If anyone sees him don’t scupper my story! Ha

Anyway despite the broken arms (not mine), the monster hangover, the lack of sleep and the mountain of business cards scattered across my desk it was a truly awesome weekend.

We must send our thanks and Eskimo kisses to all kinds of great people – to all of the new friends we made, to all the writers who so kindly came to see our guys play, to King Kenny for having not only great parking stories but also the faith to tramp a mile in the snow to come see our show, to Siri, Jonas and Hayley for making the whole trip happen and to our wonderful artists who not only reminded us why we fell in love with their music in the first place but also helped us not get horribly lost and found us cheap beer.

You guys rock.

anyway I was covering the festival for a couple of magazines back here so ill post the review links when they go live so you can check out some of the other awesome acts we saw last week

Before I go heres a video of “Hope” from SOlvors showcase on Saturday… hope (ha!) you like it

Much Love

The Lazy Boy x

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