Tuesday, 1 December 2009

The LIttle Hands of Asphalt Hit The UK

Well it is now a mere matter of days before young Sjur arrives in the UK for what should be a nice productive few days...

in addition to the show sjur is playing at the bedford on MOnday night, tuesday is going to be something of a promotional bonanza with us having to record a tv session for Balcony TV, acoustic sessions and interviews for Hayes FM and Pulse FM as well as some interviews and possibly even another show along the way too


it shuold be very nice to be able to finally meet the great man that we have spent most of 2009 imploring you to listen to - having only ever corresponded over the mail it will be good to put a personal seal on the year with an excellently beery day or so

if your in london please drop by and say hello at the shows...

in the meantime ill keep u posted about air dates and the like for the sessions as and when they become crystal clear

for now heres a little video someone made for the awesome LHOA song - Looks Like Styrofoam

Team LA x

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