Monday, 21 December 2009

A Christmas Message From Lazy Acre Records

Well… Im bored to tears of hearing about Rage Against The Machine (as cool an achievement as it is), Im sick of the sight of wrapping paper and fishing out the elasticated trousers ready for an influx of Chocolate Orange… that can only mean one thing – its almost Christmas again.

This will pretty much be the last bit of label business I get up to for a couple of weeks – pandemonium us about to descend onto the Acre so we shall doubtless see you in the new year.

2009 has been a strange, productive and very exciting year here on the Acre – our new years resolution to get more organized and generally increase our output / level of proficiency turned out ok in the end…

As well as getting releases out there by all kinds of incredible artists we also made lots of friends in new and exciting places – (hello Oslo, Vienna, Lisbon and all manner of other places!) got back into the swing of this live music shtick and plotted more diabolical plots than the riddler.

Kick started by a genuinely inspiring trip to By:Larm in February we fell in l0ve with so many bands and artists this year that if we released a mixtape every single week we don’t think we could have found room for them all. Luckily we were able to release some of these and this year has seen us getting all excited about awesome releases from the likes of Pipedream, The Little Hands of Asphalt, Kambodsja, The James Magic and Moggz.

As we tiptoe towards next year we can already see a bunch of super exciting releases in the Pipeline from Tessa Frith and Solvor Vermeer to start with, as well as two exciting releases that we cant actually tell you about just yet and lots by artists that we haven’t even met yet…

Crazy times

Hopefully next year will se us improving even further on what has been easily the best of our two years in existence to date.

Before we go we have to offer a genuinely huge thanks to absolutely everyone that’s been involved in the Acre this year. All of our artists, our super talented friends - the merchandising genius of Mrs M, Berkeley “legal eagle” Edwards, our good friends at the Bedford, everyone who has written about one of our releases or played them on your radio show, everyone who has blogged about one of our humble heroes and those of you that have downloaded / bought records and maybe even told your friends – we l0ve you. you’re the reason we get up at 6.30 on a Sunday morning to draft My Little Pony Artwork and you’re the reason we will be back in 2010 doing even more, with a whole of ruck of things so exciting ive had to cover my office chair in wipe-clean plastic sheeting.

Sheeting… haha

Anyway - Have an excellent Christmas everyone – see you next year

For now heres three of the best xmas songs ever

i have no shame

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