Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Oh dear oh dear oh dear

So weirdly as the rest of the world eyes christmas as the end line of a massive commercial fuelled sprint through Toys R Us, Ive just realised how mentally busy we actually are for the rest of the year (thats without the shoping and the new job, the anniversary that falls between it and seeing the family as well!)

Between now and when Big Red jumps aboard the reindeers, we have Little Hands and Solvor coming to London, were recording some TV sessions, some radio sessions, overseeing a bunch of interviews etc etc.

On top of that we have the build up to the release of Tessa Frith and Solvors debut releases in January, the Moggz album finally gets released, we have a festival to arrange, a series of gigs in Northampton to library to start running, Pipedream release their new EP and we need to book a tour for Kambodsja and Pipedream (together - sweet jesus is there a better rock bill taking shape for next year or what?! i think not! but then i would!)

So what the fuck you might ask am I doing sitting writing a blog about it all.


Anyway - must dash, all the new releases go to the digital aggregator today. Hooray!

Love Ben & Sam
Team LA x


Why nto lighten your day with this little treat - I just found this on youtube (I havent seen it for years) and laughed so hard tea came out of my nose. This is an anti drugs educational video aimed at the under fives created by ourt very own MOGGZ. Indeed its soundtracked by his very excellent song "Hidin" and features a great performance from "Ole Doggy T"

Check it out

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