Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Busy, Productive, Always Moving Forward

Well despite waking up (rather late) to find that the winter seems to have arrived early today has been a productive day. So far today I have:

• Written some press releases
• Put together a proposal for a new act im wanting to sign
• Caught up with some emails
• Got round to updating the myriad of sites we now seem to occupy
• Planned a series of gigs in some very cool locations (details to follow)
• Been told off for blabbing about some very cool but yet to be formally
announced plans for March (sshh!!)
• Designed a flier for Solvors show in a few weeks

All the while humming this little tune in my head:

While I think about it we have a new T Shirt widget now in the myspace… check it out and buy yourself something nice – what better way to keep out the cold!!

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